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Two Years & Twice Around the World...  
Gold Souk Amman Jordan
GREECE Athens Jan 27-Feb 4

EGYPT Cairo Feb 4 Feb 5 Feb 6 Feb 7 Aswan Feb 8 Feb 9 Feb 10 Luxor Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13 Feb 14 Feb 15 Nuweiba Feb 16-17

JORDAN Petra Feb 18 Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 21 Amman Feb 22 Feb 23-24 Feb 25 Feb 26 Feb 27 Feb 28 Feb 29-Mar 1 Dead Sea Mar 2 Mar 3

ISRAEL Eilat Mar 4

EGYPT Cairo Mar 5 Mar 6 Mar 7 Mar 8

GREECE Athens Mar 9 Santorini Mar 10 Mar 11 Mar 12-13 Crete Mar 14 Mar 15-16 Mar 17-21 Athens Mar 22

Gold Souk, Amman, Jordan, March 1, 2004


"Playing Egyptologists in The Valley of the Kings". LUXOR, EGYPT After doing some research, the tombs of Egypt's pharaohs became stories of an ancient religious way of life and death.      

"The Nabatean City by Day and Night". PETRA, JORDAN Glorious temple facades carved into rose-red rock cliffs and the dramatic narrow Siq gorge make the ancient city of Petra stunning by day and magical by night.   

"Bobbing Like Corks". DEAD SEA, JORDAN Floating in the Dead Sea ranks among our most unusual experiences.  There is just no way to sink in this water made of 30% salt.

"The Pyramids at Dashur". CAIRO, EGYPT.  They many not  have the Sphinx but they also don't have a plethora of touts and a view of Pizza Hut! These great pyramids in their more remote and serene location better evoke the mystery of ancient Egypt than their counterparts at Giza.    

"Chilly Sun in Santorini". SANTORINI, GREECE.  After the hassles of travel in Egypt this was a vacation, looking out from our cave dwelling at the white sugar cube houses cascading into the massive Caldera. 

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