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Two Years & Twice Around the World...  
Church of the Resurrection, St. Petersburg, Russia
TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY Ulan Ude Aug 6-7 Irkutsk Aug 4 Aug 5-8 Yekaterinburg Aug 8-10 Aug 11-12 Kazan Aug 13 Nizhny Novgorod Aug 14 Golden Ring Aug 15 Aug 16-17

MOSCOW Aug 17-19 Aug 20-21 Aug 22-23

Church of the Resurrection, St. Petersburg, August 27, 2003


"The Capitol of Buryatia"ULAN UDE. A taste of Buddhism in Russia at the lively Ivolginsk Datsan and the best outdoor ethnographic museum.

"Exploring a Medieval Village"SUZDAL. A precious village of tiny onion-domed cathedrals, rolling grasslands and a narrow winding river. 

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