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Two Years & Twice Around the World...  
Erdene Zu Monastery - Yamantaka Deity
ULAAN BAATAR July 2-3 July 4-5 July 6 July 7-8

NAADAM July 9-10 July 11 July 12 July 13

COUNTRYSIDE July 14 July 15 July 16 July 17 July 18 July 19 July 20-21


BALDAN BARAIVAN July 25-30 Intro About Baldan Baraivan Mani Buteel Buddhist Festival The Restoration Work Another Naadam & About CRTP

ULAAN BAATAR July 31-Aug 1
Yamantaka, Buddhist Protector Deity, Erdene Zu, July 16, 2003


"Naadam Festival".  ULAAN BAATAR. The largest festival in Mongolia consisting several entertaining days of competition in the three "manly events" -  wrestling, archery, and horse racing. 

"Touring Erdene Zuu Monastery". KHARKORIN.  An excellent tour of Mongolia's first Buddhist monastery in the country's ancient capitol. 

"The Cultural Restoration Tourism Project"KHENTII AIMAG.  A very rewarding volunteer project, run by the San Francisco organization CRTP, to restore the old Buddhist monastery of Baldan Baraivan.

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