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Two Years & Twice Around the World...  
Waikiki Sunset
MARSHALL ISLANDS Majuro March 11 March 12 March 13 March 14-15 March 16 Alinglaplap March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 March 21 March 22 March 23 Majuro March 24

FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA Kosrae March 25-26 March 27-28 Pohnpei March 29-31 April 1-2 April 3-4 April 5-7 Chuuk April 8-9 April 10-11

GUAM April 12-23
Waikiki Beach Sunset, March 10, 2003


"The Jebro Race". MARSHALL ISLANDS. The first re-enactment of the legend of Jebro, an outrigger canoe race on the outer atoll of Ailinglaplap. 

"Nan Madol Tour". POHNPEI.  Kayak tour of the ancient ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei lagoon, a city built of basalt rock built between 500-900A.D. 

"Wreck Diving". CHUUK. Exploring four underwater World War II wrecks in Chuuk lagoon to depths of 120 feet.  

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