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Two Years & Twice Around the World...  
Rila Monastery, Bulgaria
SLOVENIA Ljubljana Oct 7-8 Piran Oct 9-12

CROATIA Istra Peninsula Oct 13 Split Oct 14-15 Hvar Oct 16-18 Korcula Oct 19 Dubrovnik Oct 20-29


BOSNIA Sarajevo Oct 30 Oct 30 Nov 1

SERBIA Belgrade Nov 2-3

ROMANIA Bucharest Nov 4 Suceava Nov 5 Nov 6 Cluj Napoca Nov 7 Sighisoara Nov 8-9 Brasov Nov 10 Nov 11

BULGARIA Sofia Nov 12 Nov 13 Nov 14

MACEDONIA Lake Ohrid Nov 15 Nov 16-17

KOSOVO Prishtine Nov 18 Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21

GREECE Thessaloniki Nov 22 Athens Nov 23 Nov 24
Rila Monastery, Bulgaria, November 14, 2003


"The Pearl of the Adriatic". DUBROVNIK, CROATIA. Having risen grandly from the ashes of war with Serbia and Montenegro, this precious fortified city has an inescapable charm and beauty. 

"Peace and Tolerance in Sarajevo". SARAJEVO, BOSNIA.  An eye opening and touching look at life in Sarajevo during the Serbian siege through the eyes of someone who lived through it.

"The Fantastic Painted Monasteries of Southern Bucovina". SUCEAVA, ROMANIA. Built to fend off Turkish invasions in the 16th century, these monastery fortresses are incredible works of art that served to teach as well as protect.  

"Touring Dracula's Castle ". BRASOV, ROMANIA. Visiting the ominous Bran Castle, Bram Stoker's supposed inspiration for Dracula's abode, with a stop at the precipice clining flortess of Rasnov Castle.

"Day Trip to Rila Monastery ". RILA, BULGARIA. An exhilarating drive to Bulgaria's most significant place of worship, a stunning monastery with history dating back to 927 AD.

"History & Religion in Macedonia". LAKE OHRID, MACEDONIA. Walking the historical sites of Lake Ohrid provides a perspective on Macedonia's complex relationship with religion.

"Day Trip to Prizren ". PRIZREN, KOSOVO. This picturesque town in the South of Kosovo illustrated the dichotomy of a culturally rich but terribly conflicted region.

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