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Two Years & Twice Around the World...
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Sousuvlei - Namibia

BHUTAN: "Straddling the Border of India & Bhutan"
BOSNIA: "Peace and Tolerance in Sarajevo"
BOTSWANA: "With Elephants in the Okavanago"
BULGARIA: "Day Trip to Rila Monastery"
CHINA: "Getting Lost Going to the Great Wall"
CHINA: "A Ming/Qing Dynasty Village"
CHINA: "A Muslim Market & Buddhist Taer Si"
CHINA: "A Pilgrimage Kora Around Labelung Monastery"
CHINA: "The Magao Grottos"
CHINA: "The Famous Kashgar Bazaar"
CHINA: "The Crazier Hotan Bazaar"
CHINA: "A Little Camel Trek"
CROATIA: "The Pearl of the Adriatic"
CZECH REPUBLIC: "A Fairytale Village"
DRC: "Day Trip to the DRC"
EGYPT: "Playing Egyptologists at Valley of the Kings"
EGYPT: "The Pyramids at Dashur"
ETHIOPIA: "Touring the Monasteries of Lake Tana"
ETHIOPIA: "A Labyrinth of Rock-Hewn Churches"
ETHIOPIA: "Discovering a 'New' Ancient Empire"
FINLAND: "Daytrip Across the Baltic Sea"
FSM (CHUUK): "Wreck Diving"
FSM (POHNPEI): "Nan Madol Tour"
GREECE: "Chilly Sun in Santorini"
HUNGARY: "Bathing in Budapest"
INDIA: "The Colors of Kathakali"
INDIA: "Religious Life at the Sri Meenakshi Temple"
INDIA: "Day Trip to Thanjavur"
INDIA: "Tirumala Pilgrimage"
INDIA: "The Little Train That Still Can"
INDIA: "Visiting Rumtek"
JORDAN: "The Nabatean City by Day and Night"
JORDAN: "Bobbing Like Corks"
KENYA: "Visiting Karen"
KOSOVO: "Day Trip to Prizren"
LITHUANIA: "Old Town Vilnius"
LITHUANIA: "The Center of Europe"
LITHUANIA: "Visit to Medieval Castle Town"
MACEDONIA: "History & Religion in Macedonia"
MALAWI: "Village Walk at Lake Malawi"
MONGOLIA: "Naadam Festival"
MONGOLIA: "Touring Erdene Zuu Monastery"
MONGOLIA: "The Cultural Restoration Tourism Project"
MOROCCO: "Cooking at Riad Mirabelle"
MOROCCO: "Meet us at the Kasbah"
NAMIBIA: "Game Viewing at Etosha National Park"
OMAN: "A Small Omani Market"
POLAND: "700 Year Old Salt Mines at Wieleckzka"
ROMANIA: "The Painted Monasteries of S. Bucovina"
ROMANIA: "Touring Dracula's Castle"
RUSSIA: "The Capitol of Buryatia"
RUSSIA: "Exploring a Medieval Village"
RWANDA: "Muzungus in the Mist"
SPAIN: "Semana Santa"
SPAIN: "The Alhambra"
SRI LANKA: Poya Day at Kelaniya Raha Maha Temple"
SRI LANKA: "Tea Estates & Gentlemen's Clubs"
SRI LANKA: "From a Fierce Rock to Pious Caves" TANZANIA: "Northern Safari Circuit"
TANZANIA: "Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro"
THAILAND: "Home Cooking at The Thai House"
UAE: "The Dazzling Burj Al Arab"
UAE: "The Whirlwind Tour"
UGANDA: "Death Race to the Equator"
ZANZIBAR: "Spicing Up the Island"
ZIMBABWE: "Victoria Falls, Natural World Wonder"

An unequaled island adventure. Hitching boat rides to catch the historical Jebro Race, an outrigger canoe race in the Marshall Islands. Kayaking the Nan Madol ruins in Pohnpei. WWII wreck diving in Chuuk. Nomadic life meets the Soviet Bloc! Archery, Wrestling, and Horse Racing at the Naadam Festival. Trucking through Mongolian steppes. Rebuilding a monastery destroyed by communism. Feeling at home in Grenada, Spain. Semana Santa - a solemn and festive Easter celebration. Glorious Islamic architecture and exquisite gardens of the Alhambra. Extraordinary landscapes and majestic animals. Night wildlife watching at Namibia's Etosha National Park. Poling the waters of the Okavango Delta. Safari in Tanzania. Communion with the gentle giants, gorilllas in Rwanda. History rises from the dust in Western China. Ancient gates and the Magao Grottos of Dunhuang. Touring ruins in Turpan. Market life in Kashgar and Hotan. Camel trekking in the Taklamaan Desert.
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