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  1. night train

    Surrealist Routes to Kiasma’s Collections


    The Night Train takes the viewer into the nocturnal world, surprisingly or mysterious events between sleep and wakefulness.  The landscape flashing past the train’s window suddenly changes from familiar to strange.  Aboard the Night train, you can experience a glimpse of the magical light of a summer’s night or the dark shades of unattainable love.

    The Night Train collection display takes the viewer along four routes into the Kiasma collections.  Each route opens a new perspective on the legacy of surrealism in contemporary art.  The works in the exhibition share a feeling of the unfamiliar and strange, turning one’s eyes to the uncharted territory of the human mind.



    summer night

    The viewer is alone in the middle of a mystical wilderness or at the edges of a city.  Strange encounters take place between sleep and awake.

    a ghost at noon

    One sees oneself in an astonishing light.  Can you really see what you are looking at?  The boundaries of the body and mid are stretched to the limit.

    mad love

    An unexpected encounter changes the course of life.  Passionate lover is ruled by a death wish.

    un chien andalou

    Black humor and horror go hand and hand.